Key Mobile is proud to be the only authorized dealer of Mul-T-Lock high security locks and hardware in the entire Palm Springs metro area.

If you will settle for nothing but the best, then you want Mul-T-Lock®. 

Mul-T-Lock products include deadbolts, doorknobs, keyless entry systems and cylinders and are far superior to any traditional locks on the market today. 

Produced in Israel and part of the Assa Abloy group, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of locking solutions, Mul-T-Lock products meet the highest global security standards including those required by the United States, the European Union, and Israel.  In fact Mul-T-Lock products are used predominately by top Israeli Government Agencies and Facilities. 

Mul-T-Lock patented products have unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanisms that protect you against lock picking, drilling and lock bumping (bump keying).

Additionally, Mul-T-Lock products offer YOU the ability to take control over the security of your home or business.  Not sure who has a copy of your key?  With Mul-T-Lock you never have to worry again.  Only you and other authorized users of your choice can make copies of your Mul-T-Lock keys.  You can have complete power over your domain. 

And check out the keys… aren’t they cool looking?

If you really want to be secure and know that your house is safe from unwanted intruders, then you want and need Mul-T-Lock locks.

If you are interested in increasing the security of your home or business and installing high security hardware, please read further about Mul-T-Lock products.

What makes Mul-T-Lock so special?

There are many attributes that make Mul-T-Lock one of the best high security hardware solutions in the world, including:

  • CONTROLDo you know the difference between good key control and bad key control?
  • Good Key Control = Mul-T-Lock
    Only you and any users you authorize can make copies of your key(s). Every Mul-T-Lock product comes standard with an Owner’s Identification Card and all information is kept in our confidential files.

    Bad Key Control = Most other Brands
    Anybody can take your key and easily make a copy of it. This is even true for the keys marked “Do Not Duplicate”. Although most locksmiths will respect that message, it is still easy to find someone who will readily duplicate a “Do Not Duplicate” Key. Furthermore, all Mul-T-Lock keys come directly from Mul-T-Lock; no other company can make keys for Mul-T-Lock products.

  • RELIABILITY Where is your lock or hardware made and is it built to last?
  • All Mul-T-Lock products are made in Israel and are built to last a lifetime. Most of the locks and hardware in the market today are made in China from cheap materials that typically last only a few years or so. When choosing a lock to provide security for your home or business which lock do you want?

  • FLEXIBILITYHow many keys do you have on your key chain?
  • All of Mul-T-Lock’s products are designed so that you need only one key. So, you may have a padlock on your shed, a lock on your sliding glass door and a deadbolt on your front door; all of these locks can be master keyed so that you need only ONE key. Perhaps you’re running an office and you want everyone to have the same key but you don’t necessarily want all employees to have access to every office, floor or department. This can be done easily with Mul-T-Lock.

  • AESTHETICS and TOUGHNESS  – What message does your lock give to passersby?
  • Mul-T-Lock products are not only aesthetically pleasing to their owners; they are also a visual deterrent to possible thieves and criminals. You only need to hold a Mul-T-Lock product in your hand to understand the quality and security that these products offer. Sometimes it just takes a good looking, tough lock to let others know that your home or office won’t be “easy access”.

    Not only do they look tough, but Mul-T-Lock products have passed all of the toughest industry standards testing and are virtually unpickable, undrillable and bump key resistant.

  • ACCESS CONTROL  – Discover more about Mul-T-Lock Cliq electronic solutions.
  • Do you need high security combined with access control installed yet you have budget constraints?  Then you need to check out Mul-T-Lock Cliq products which provide access control solutions (such as time based permission and entry audits) in combination with high security mechanical cylinders that can be easily installed into your existing infrastructure (no need to run any wires). So you get the best security and access control at a fraction of the cost.