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LOCK BUMPING (The Infamous Bump Key)

Lock bumping or bump keying is a technique for opening a lock in a really simplistic and easy way.  Although this technique has been around for a long time, and utilized by those in the locksmith industry since the early 1900’s, it has just recently become known in mainstream society. 

In fact, there are numerous articles written and news stories produced describing the inherent dangers of this method of gaining entry to one’s home or business – especially since there is no trail left of forced entry and the burglar can even bump the lock closed again after leaving.  Unfortunately this has left many people with little recourse with their insurance companies after incurring losses resulting from burglars utilizing lock bumping or bump keying in order to gain unlawful entry.

In fact, the average lock or deadbolt (standard security), which comprise 90% of the locks on residential doors in the United States, are easily susceptible to being opened by a bump key.  And now, with bump keys being so prevalent (you can even order a set online) and the knowledge easily accessible, many homeowners find that they are vulnerable to burglary by this method and therefore choose to upgrade their hardware to high security to avoid this risk.

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However, you can do something to protect yourself.  The easiest and most economical solution is to install high security door locks that protect against bumping and other types of lock picking. At Key Mobile, we offer the top rated high security hardware in the world -  Mul-T-Lock.  Mul-T-Lock makes high end, high security locks that protect against picking, drilling and bump keying.  Please visit our Mul-T-Lock page to read more about these amazing, high quality, high security locks.


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